Wild and Wonderful in BCN

Wild and Wonderful in BCN

Wonderful people doing wild things, (or wild people doing wonderful things) in Barcelona

I’ve been keeping an eye on this video documentary project for a few weeks now. The first episode launches online at midnight tonight, so Saturday September 1st 2012.

From the website…

Wild and Wonderful is a series of short films celebrating the eccentricity of an eclectic mix of residents in Barcelona and all the wonderful things they do. The series will produce a monthly 5 minute short film about artistic and eccentric activities from an eclectic bunch of people all around Barcelona.

Sounds interesting right?

The series is directed by Justin Donlon and produced by Silvia Vidal Muratori. Justin is obviously hugely interested in the great documentary film-makers. You must find the time to check out some of the greatest documentaries of all time on their website – The Clash, Andy Warhol, Joy Division, Henry Miller. The most fascinating being the 60 Minutes piece on the overwhelmingly under-appreciated Errol Morris who surely must have been a huge inspiration for this series of short films. I’m ashamed to say I’d never heard of Errol Morris but I intend to seek out all he has done. This is the kind of film making I love.

Let’s hope Justin can provide us with some equally fascinating studies. I look forward to it. No pressure Justin!

A series of short films about wonderful people doing wild things in Barcelona

Check out the intro clips for each of the first 3 episodes. They should whet your appetite for this exciting project.

Episode 1: Barcelona born artist Robert Llimós. We discover those paintings and sculptures that created his strong reputation and delved into his “Contact in Fortaleza” series that changed his life and gave him the inspiration for spreading “their” positive message.


Episode 2: Tom Chant


Episode 3: Sairica Rose


When the time comes (or even before) you can show your support for this project in any of the following ways.

Website: Wild and Wonderful in BCN
Email: wwinbarcelona@gmail.com
Twitter: @wwinbcn
Facebook: Wild and Wonderful on Facebook
Pinterest: Wild and Wonderful on Pinterest 
Google+: Wild and Wonderful on Google+
Tumblr: Wild and Wonderful on Tumblr

I wish them well!

What do you think about this project? Sound interesting to you?

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