The History of the Catalans from Catalonia

This video was uploaded to YouTube in March of this year (2013), so is a very recent attempt at increasing awareness of the Catalan plight around the world. Even at half an hour it’s very fast-paced and I had no trouble sticking with it. And though the text is sometimes difficult to read it plays like a film trailer with evocative music that keeps you gripped. I thought it a great potted history of the Catalan state from the year 988 to the present day. If you’re outside of Catalonia and you don’t know what all the fuss is about I suggest you give it a watch.

As the quote from Carl Sagan at the start reads, “you have to know the past to understand the present”.

From the YouTube description…

In 2014 Catalonia will commemorate the 300 years since the loss of its sovereignty. At the moment, the biggest part of the political parties in the Parliament of Catalonia want to make a referendum on independence in 2014, but Spain prohibits this.

This video makes internationally aware the tireless battle for the liberty of the Catalan people. All the support that you can give us will be of great help and for that reason we ask you to share this video helping us make our struggle known around the world.

The History of the Catalans from Catalonia


It was posted by @Nanroig141 who posts videos about the fight for the independence of Catalonia. You can see more on their YouTube page.

If you want to know about more recent developments you can also watch the 2009 documentary, Spain’s Secret Conflict.

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  • As a Catalan who fully supports independence I liked the video. As a historian I must say there would be a few points to argue, from the vocabulary used, to the selection of relevant information (Otger Cataló is basically a legendary national hero). No harm in watching though.

    • Hi Andreu, thanks for getting involved with the blog. Your comments are very valuable.

      I liked this video too. I definitely thought it was worth watching more than not. Lots of people still need educating.

      Take care,

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