The Catalan Question: Europe and the Right to Choose


I came across this video from the Euranet Plus news agency. Presented by Brian Maguire it discusses Europe’s failure to address the right to self-determination of separatist regions.

The European Union’s failure to consider the smooth integration of breakaway regions is tarnishing its democratic credentials.

The EU seems to prefer the inclusion of new, poorly prepared members, than the assimilation of established, firmly pro-European nations such as Scotland and Catalonia.

Does Europe need a practical new strategy for the government of its regions? Do we need less centralised 19th Century command and control, and more emphasis on regional autonomy, including tax powers?

The issue for Europe’s separatist regions is ‘democracy’ – a right to choose. A right to self-determination. It’s time for a modern approach unchained by history.

The Catalan Question Interviewees:

  • Ramon Tremosa i Balcells, member of the European Parliament (Liberals)
  • Mark Demesmaeker, member of the European Parliament (European Conservatives)
  • Ernest Maragall, member of the European Parliament (Greens)
  • Ian Duncan, member of the European Parliament (European Conservatives)
  • Josu Juaristi Abaunz, member of the European Parliament (European United Left)
  • Jaume Bardolet, Coordinator of the Catalan National Assembly in Brussels
  • Martin McGuinness, Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland
  • Josep Maria Vila d’Abadal i Serra, Mayor of Vic

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