Spain’s Secret Conflict: A Documentary

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Spain’s Secret Conflict

The documentary, Spain’s Secret Conflict, was made back in 2009 yet recently was the first time I’d seen it. It’s one of the most concise explanations of the conflict between Catalonia and Spain that I’ve seen. Even if it’s not so secret a conflict any longer.

Gary Gibson’s 40 minute documentary starts during the Independence Poll in Arenys de Munt in September 2009. The first poll of it’s kind in Catalonia, this symbolic poll went ahead despite being banned by Madrid and picketed by the far right-wing Falange.

As Gibson says at the end of the documentary…

“Through these polls the Catalans are sending a clear message to Spain: for 300 years we have had to listen to you and do what you tell us. Now this is what we have to say.”

I wouldn’t say this is a completely one-sided documentary (though it is clearly pro-Catalan). There are personalities interviewed from both sides including:

This documentary is a ‘must see’ for anyone unfamiliar with the root causes of the Spanish and Catalan conflict and the views of both sides.

Spain’s Secret Conflict: A documentary about the Catalan conflict in Spain

Further views on Spain’s Secret Conflict

I really do encourage you to read the two articles underneath as well. Especially the second from the Cataloniawatch website.

What do you think of the film? Catalan propaganda or a fair picture of the conflict to date? Let me know in the comments.

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  • From all these persons interviewed just one is on the Catalan Republic side, but defending the most moderate political actuations. Do you ask seriouly what do we think? Try again but do not think that all of us are just idiots!

    • Hi Eulalia. I thought the film was pro-Catalan. I never suggested anyone was an idiot. I do think you are a little rude though. I hope you have a lovely day.


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