Picnic Deli in Poblenou

I must say I don’t get over to Poblennou that much. But when I do it’s usually because I visit one of the beaches that separate this up and coming barrio from the sea. And tucked just behind Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella is the recently opened Picnic Deli.

Picnic Deli shop front

Picnic Deli, Passeig del Taulat, 138

Picnic Deli makes deli-style baguettes, salads, pastas and other meals daily in their on-site kitchen that you can eat in or take away. They also deliver to a select few local businesses.

Owners Brett and Natasha pride themselves on using fresh local ingredients to produce their ever-changing menu. They use organic produce whenever possible and offer an array of dishes suitable for vegan, vegetarian and coeliac diets. But don’t worry, meat is on the menu too!

Brett and Natasha kindly invited me over to sample some of their fine food. We sat outside on one of the two or three tables provided for customers and tucked in.

We started with a nice cold watermelon gazpacho that definitely hit the spot.

Watermelon Gazpacho

Watermelon Gazpacho at Picnic Deli

Then out came a selection of cold dishes. A bright pink beetroot and lemon fusilli pasta dish, a Thai chicken and broccoli penne pasta, and a Mediterranean quinoa dish with roasted red peppers, pistachios and olives, with a Moroccan pesto.

Picnic deli dishes

Picnic Deli pasta and quinoa salads

Then, just as I was thinking about slowing down, out came a plate of grilled meat and vegetables including chicken skewers and wings, sausages, and the most delicious ribs I’ve had in a while. Along with chargrilled courgette and asparagus, this was perfect for the Catalan barbecue lover.

Mixed barbecue

Picnic Deli mixed barbecue

We finished off with a couple of desserts. An oaty banana mousse affair and a cakey offering of chocolate, apple and vanilla. Both delicious, though by that point I was struggling.

I think Picnic Deli is a success! Their food is perfect for the climate. It’s fresh, healthy and they don’t serve any food from the day before (it feeds the staff or goes to the homeless). And you’ll be hard pressed to find their range of flavours anywhere else in Barcelona. I’ve heard they also do a mean curry!

And the deli has a licence so they have beer on tap as well as wine and spirits.

So if you’re hanging out at the beach, you live or work in the area, or just visiting, go and check out the daily delights at Picnic Deli. It makes a healthy alternative to tapas!

The Picnic Deli opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm. Though I’m told they will soon be open till 8pm every day including Saturday. So perfect for that weekend trip to the beach!

Picnic Deli details (and for tons of photos of their food!)

Picnic Deli fridge

The fridge full of delights at Picnic Deli

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