In the Streets of Barcelona with Pedro Collares

I came across this video yesterday about Pedro Collares who plays an instrument called the ‘hang’ behind Barcelona Cathedral. I’ve passed Pedro many times but never knew anything about him or the instrument he was playing.

The guys at Revisitar did the same but they made a short video about him. Below are their words taken from the videos Vimeo page. Enjoy!

Pedro plays “Hang” in the streets of Barcelona. The sound of it makes every tourist stop to listen – including us. This is a short-documentary on a man who is living the life he always wanted to live.

We were walking on the streets of Barcelona when we found Pedro Collares and his band Nara Trio. The sound caught our attention as well as some other dozens of tourists and something made this street band different from the others. We had to record their performance and in the end we interviewed the lovely Pedro.

This is our final product. A story about someone who pursued the life he wanted to live and ended up being very happy. Let’s hope we all find that life.

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