Non Solo Pizza – not even pizza!

Non Solo Pizza

Non Solo Pizza, Carrer d’Enric Granados 110

I was taken to Non Solo Pizza not long ago. Now as far as I’m aware this means ‘Not Only Pizza’ which would be fine if they did pizza and other stuff. But they don’t. They just do the other stuff. For pizza you need to go next door to Solo Pizza which does make sense.

But that’s ok, because the other stuff is worthy enough not to be put on the same menu as pizza. Although I am told the pizzas at Solo Pizza are some of the best in Barcelona. A claim I’m yet to validate.

So what did we have? Well as my fellow diner has a stomach like the tardis (I don’t think she’ll mind this, as long as it’s small on the outside eh?) we ordered plenty.

We started by sharing a huge antipasti of cold meats – prosciutto, mortadella and some other spicy salami type affair – dotted with small balls of mozzarella and sundried tomatoes. And in the middle a huge ball of the softest, most gorgeous mozzarella I have ever tasted. You cut through the firm outside and a delicious gooey inside flowed out. Truly amazing. This was all mopped up with two helpings of fresh garlic and rosemary foccacia bread.

For the main course I had a large plate of beef carpaccio with ample shavings of parmesan. And my companion had tagliatelle pasta with prawns of which she commented, “…was delish although I should’ve chosen something different – pasta’s a bit normal.” Normal or not she looked like she was enjoying it. Or was that the Rioja. Good I remember though I can’t remember the name of it.

For dessert the Italian classic tiramisu which I’m sure came from the English trifle. I never liked trifle when I was younger. Or tiramisu for that matter. But have since had many and this one was as good as any.

All finished off with a glass of limoncello. A classic from Southern Italy. Though if you can, do try the limoncino from the north. The Bottega distillery produces the only one made with grappa and is infused with the peel of Sicilian lemons.

The bill? Around 80€ I think. Not cheap. But worth it.

Non Solo Pizza was a very enjoyable experience. Our waiter was very pleasant too. They must have smartened their act up since Barcelona Metropolitan did their review in 2009. Or maybe they were just having an off day.

Non Solo Pizza, Carrer d’Enric Granados 110, 08008 Barcelona. Tel: 932 181 920. Monday to Saturday 2-4pm and 9pm-midnight.

I nearly forgot! The olive oil we had with the starter was to die for. Apparently it’s their own. I meant to ask if it was available for sale but forgot. If anyone knows if it is (or the name of it) please, please let me know below. Ta.

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  • I agree, delicious food. I have been next door to Solo Pizza and it’s divine… proper thin crust and delicious fresh toppings. Lots of Italians, (staff AND customers, which is always a good sign) it’s just like being in Italy. I recommend Solo Pizza to start, then Nutella Pizza (to share) as a dessert. Enjoy!!

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