Munich. In Barcelona?

Munich logoSo I kept seeing this Munich brand everywhere. And then I saw a Munich concession in El Corte Inglés. And then I saw a Munich shop. And even a Munich shop for kids.

Who is this German brand that’s all pervasive all the way down here in Barcelona?

Well, Munich Sports are born and bred in Catalonia. They were founded in 1939 by Luís Berneda, the initial company name being ‘Berneda’, in the city of Sant Boi de Llobregat.

Munich Sports shoes started off as just that, footwear for sports, including rugby, handball and boxing.

But in 1953 the second generation of the family moved into shoes for athletics and became pioneers of sports shoe manufacture in Spain. In 1964 they added the ‘X’ branding to the sides – which actually came about to hide a seam in the shoe – and changed the company name to Munich.

Munich at La Roca

Munich at La Roca

Since 1999 they started making shoes that had more of a street or fashion style and these days more than half of the roughly 1 million shoes a year they sell are the fashion styles.

Aside from the shops in Barcelona they have recently opened a new space-age store at the La Roca shopping village. Lines of conveyor belts run around the store with pairs of Munichs perched on top. Unfortunately the conveyor belts are stationary much to my disappointment.

Munich Acropol 171

Munich Acropol 171

So anyway, I couldn’t resist. There are so many pairs to choose from. And some of them are pretty loud. But I went for a more reserved pair I think (see the photo). At 140 euros they don’t come cheap. The hi-top version of these were 180 euros!

But I love them. They are very comfortable and they have dual colour laces which are cool. And anything I can do to help the ailing Spanish economy is a good thing right?

So go and get yourself a pair of Munichs! Your feet will love you. And so will all of Spain.

And why are they called Munich? I have no idea. If anyone knows can you please tell me.

Munich Sports Barcelona: on Carrer Antic de Sant Joan and Carrer del Rec in the Born. In El Corte Inglés on Avda Portal de l’Àngel or in L’illa on Avda Diagonal. Or take a trip to La Roca out on Autopista AP-7 for some conveyor belt action.

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  • Well I’ve often wondered why they’re called after a German city myself so I decided to call them and ask. The lady I spoke to informed me that they’re named after the city Munich as when they first started Munich was one of the coolest cities in Europe and a pioneer in fashion. I reminded her that they started out as sports shoes not fashion but she stuck by her story!!

    • MUNICH at those days was and still the most important sports fair place in Europe. That’s why they named Munich, to reinforce the sport Image.

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