Munich My Way – 3 million combinations


While I was doing my post a couple of weeks ago about Munich Sports I came across an iPhone app they have produced that lets you personalise your own trainers. There’s also a website which does the same thing at Munich My Way.

Check out the funky (and slightly odd) video with the heavy bassline.

Both the app and the website let you choose the colour of 10 separate areas of the shoe including the sole, toe, laces, tongue etc. There is only the Gresca style of shoe you can customise so if you don’t like it then you’re pretty stuffed.

Anyway, once done, save your creation, pay and in a matter of weeks you will have your very own personalised pair of Munichs. Mine came out at €149.85. I don’t know if they’re always that price. Maybe they’re more if they’re not as conservative as mine. ;)

I don’t know whether it’s just me (which is a distinct possibility) but I could have spent ages creating weird and wonderful combinations. My gold and silver pair were a sight to behold! Gold laces and everything!

Let me know what you think of my favourite creation. And be nice. I might be wearing them the next time you see me.

Munich My Way

My sexy new Munichs – don’t copy them, I know you want to

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