Michelle’s Perfect Day in Barcelona (with oil)

When I first read this I thought, ‘way too promotional, this is going back’. But once I’d read it a couple of times I liked the ideas Michelle was giving for her oils, and oil pulling I had never heard of! And they are based in Barcelona after all. So I thought it ok to let this one slide. I hope you agree.

“As my dogs, Hipopótamo and Pingüina, scratch and nuzzle to awaken me from my deep slumber, I start to feel the warm, Spanish sun on my face. ‘I should have closed the persianas last night’, I think to myself. Closing the blackout blinds would have definitely helped me sleep in after a long night on the town in Barcelona. I finally resign to my canine children and take them out for a walk around the barrio, suddenly refreshed and energized!

My next move is usually oil pulling. I grab my Dribble Dots Seductive Sesame Oil in the kitchen and swish around a tablespoon in my mouth for about 15-20 minutes. On this rare occasion, I choose to spit, not swallow, and my mouth feels as clean as ever! This ancient Ayurvedic practice is key to ridding your mouth of toxins and bacteria. A happy side effect is that it whitens and strengthens teeth.

Coffee is another must for me. Although I love espressos and cortados, in the morning, it must be a café con leche with steamed soy, almond, or rice milk. I admit that I adore the Italian moka coffee pots or the fancy cappuccino machines, but for my home I love Nespresso. A fortunate byproduct is seeing the dreamy George Clooney and Matt Damon in the commercials every time I waltz into the store! The best way to top my coffee? A dribble of Mouthwatering Walnut Oil. Or perhaps Perky Pistachio Oil. It really depends on how I rolled out of bed!

On an average day, I would already have trudged over to my computer to work. On my perfect day, I would start early with the sunshine, the sea air, and the best of friends. My husband, Jason, and I would go for a bike ride along the beach with our pups in my basket, enjoying the Mediterranean breeze. Passing through Poblenou, Villa Olímpica, and Barceloneta, we are reminded of how lucky we are to be able to experience the cultural diversity of our dream city. We feel like perma-vacationers; our life is a constant escape from the toils and troubles of most people’s “real life.”

We might go from terrace to terrace or chiringuito to chiringuito to enjoy some midday adult beverages, starting out with the perfect Bloody Mary, made with Dribble Dots Sexy Chili Blend and a touch of Wicked White Truffle Oil. One of our favorites is Martinez (Carretera de Miramar, 38) on the hilltop of Montjuïc, where we can relish in the 360º views of Barcelona and devour an amazing selection of rice, oysters, and more. Of course, we accompany the meal with Martinez’s own vermut! We never leave without greeting our friend and head chef, Sisco Diago.

View from Martinez

The view from Martinez

We continue our cocktail tour at Bread & Circuses in Poble Sec (c/ Blasco de Garay, 59), where owner/chef Kathleen is pouring gin&tonics freshened up with recently picked mint and a dribble of Perky Pistachio Oil. Of course, we would have American style sandwiches, loaded with delicious deli meats and accoutrement. My favorites are the Reuben and the Roast Beef!

Bread & Circuses roast beef sandwich

The Roast Beef sandwich at Bread & Circuses

Our last gastronomic stop is definitely El Porrón (c/ Doctor Trueta, 225), my favorite hidden restaurant in Poblenou. Maybe Pili will customize her homemade all i oli for us with a little Wicked White Truffle Oil to top her famous patatas bravas! Is it rude to say no to Tomás when he offers a chupito of orujo? Well, then I guess we have to finish our meal with a round!

After a day of intense indulgence, we retreat back to our home to relax. Cozying up on the sofa with tea and chocolate while we choose something to watch on the Apple TV is the perfect way to wind down. We have to work tomorrow, and believe it or not, we have our dream jobs, so in about eight hours begins another perfect day in Barcelona.”

Michelle is president and co-founder of Dribble Dots, a Barcelona based brand that makes cooking and eating fun, modern, and sexy with six types of edible oil. Follow Dribble Dots on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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