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Sometimes old people are annoying. Sometimes young people are too. But generally old people are bloody interesting. They have lived through things that luckily for me I can only try and imagine. They have stories of experiences that I could sit and listen to for hours. And often a world view that is just plain enlightening. So much personal history to cherish and retell.

Well luckily for us that’s what Memoro Project is trying to do. The ‘Bank of Memories’ is a non-profit project set up in Italy in 2007.

“…dedicated to collecting and divulgating short video recordings of spontaneous interviews with people born before 1940.”

You can read more about the project on the UK website.

There are currently 11 country specific versions each with their own area of the website and more will follow in the future. Spain has both a Spanish and a Catalan version each with their own fascinating stories. You can follow the Catalonian one on Twitter too. Others have a presence there as well.

So see if there’s one for your country. And get your parents and grandparents involved. So personal histories from the mouths of those that experienced them can be cherished forever.

Recently one has started for the UK. I might get my mum on there. She is 80 this year so I think she qualifies. And I know she has some great stories.

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