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Le Cool - A Weird and Wonderful Guide to Barcelona

A Weird and Wonderful Guide to Barcelona

So as I mentioned in a previous post, BCN Days was slightly inspired by the interviews each week in the Le Cool London email newsletters. I found out about Le Cool whilst looking for city guides. They produce guide books for Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisbon, London and Madrid. But their weekly email newsletters are available for many more cities – Barcelona, Dublin, Madrid, Lisbon, London, Istanbul, Moscow, Budapest, Paris and Vienna.

I always looked forward to getting the London one. It was full of quirky and unusual things to do around the city. Interesting exhibitons, cool club nights, unique pop-up shops, little known cafés and the increasingly common secret dining experience. Even before I arrived here I’d signed up for the Le Cool Barcelona one.

What I didn’t know at the time is Le Cool Publishing is actually based in Barcelona. And an even cooler fact is that the editor of the London email newsletter, Mat Osman, was the bassist in Suede.

Anyway, in November 2010 the second edition of their Barcelona guide book – A Weird and Wonderful Guide to Barcelona was published.

From the website…

“Designed by Folch Studio and edited by Kati Krause, the second edition of the Weird and Wonderful Guide to Barcelona was completely revised to make a visit to the city even more captivating. Ordered by hours, it features hundreds of little secrets for the reader to discover while strolling the streets of Barcelona – be it a place for Spanish brunch, a secret garden or a nighttime spa. Additionally, it also contains a detailed directory with maps, for moments of need and hurry. Away from the tourist trails, this book more than ever invites you to experience Barcelona as if you’d lived there for years. It is a declaration of unwavering love for a city that is constantly changing, yet never disappoints.”

At 24.99€ it’s not especially cheap. But it certainly looks like a thing of beauty. I shall be getting one for sure!

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  • Thank you for this little nugget of information. I have signed up, for the London one obviously [not enough happens where I live – as I am sure you might have already concluded ;-)] x

  • My pleasure. Hope it gives you good reason to get up to the big smoke.

  • I know we love it too! Even though we’ve only got the first Barcelona edition. I discovered it in 2006 when we first lived here and then bought it for Tomas for his birthday and now it’s with us back in Barcelona again. :) Saw that the new edition was available at La Central close to MACBA. Maybe for his next birthday? ;)

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