Harriet’s Perfect Day in Barcelona

Eixample, Barcelona tilt shift photo

Eixample, Barcelona from the air

“It was around 7-8 years ago when I first stepped into the world that is Barcelona. I didn’t exactly choose a great time of year to visit (it was December) and I wasn’t staying in a particularly touristy area (Gràcia), but nevertheless I ended up falling in love with the city, making it my eventual home.

It’s funny, because over the past 7 years the city has seen the economy go from an all time high to a low. The first restaurant I ever ate at in Barcelona is now closed, many new shops have replaced old ones that just couldn’t make it… A lot has changed… Yet the city is always the same as I remembered it the first time I came here. I call this effect the Barcelona Charm.

So how can you experience Barcelona Charm; a memory of the city that carries on like a flowing story, as if you never left, each time you visit? Maybe if you experience the city the way I have, you’ll see what I mean.

If you’re staying in Gràcia like I did, you’ll be experiencing “typical” Barcelonese life, so head out at 9:00 and take a stroll down Gran de Gràcia, many of the boutique shops don’t open until 10, but there’ll be time for shopping later on Passeig de Gràcia. Just take in the atmosphere as locals gather outside Fontana metro station to set up for a cause or just meet up with friends (depending on the day), though the main reason you’re here is to stop off for a morning coffee at one of the cosy cafés and grab something to eat to kick-start your day. You can then hop on the Metro at Fontana and head towards Vallcarca.

photo of Parc Güell

Antoni Gaudí’s Parc Güell

It should be about 10:00, so head to Parc Güell from Vallcarca. Just head up the road until you see some escalators and follow them to the top of the hill, then follow that street left to the park. You’ll reach the park at around 10:20 if you’re a little slow. You can spend around 40 minutes here no problem before heading back to Vallcarca to go towards Mundet.

photo of the maze at Parc Laberint d’Horta

The maze at Parc Laberint d’Horta

The amount I talk about it online, it’s no secret that I’m in love with Parc Laberint d’Horta. It’ll take about 10 minutes from Mundet and you’ll probably arrive around 11:40. This incredibly romantic area is the oldest garden park in Barcelona, and in stark contrast to the buzzing atmosphere of Parc Güell, it’s rather peaceful and tranquil. It’s a great place to spend about 40 minutes of peace after the crowded and touristy Parc Güell. After that, it’s now time to head to the city centre for lunch.

It’ll take about 40 minutes to get from Mundet to Urgell, where you can stop off at a lovely greek restaurant called Dionisos right by the Metro station on Carrer Comte d’Urgell.

photo of Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló, © Pilar Murillo

After lunch you can head to Passeig de Gràcia for two of the main tourist attractions; Casa Batlló and Casa Milà (La Pedrera), they don’t take that much time and you may even want to visit just one instead of two, this way you’ll have enough time to shop. You’ll be on Passeig de Gràcia until around 16:30. You then have time to head to Sagrada Família, because let’s face it, you haven’t visited Barcelona until you see this attraction!

To finish off your day, head to El Born in Barcelona to sit down at one of the bars to chill out for the rest of the evening before heading back home. Or if you’re staying around Gràcia, stop off at a bar or restaurant on Carrer Verdi and relax before planning your next ideal day in Barcelona.”

Harriet Freeman writes about travel and tourism in Spain on behalf of OK Apartment Barcelona, specialists in Barcelona apartment rentals. She runs her own blogs; which includes Things to do Barcelona, and she is always willing to help those in need of travel advice for Barcelona.

If you’d like to write your perfect day in Barcelona then please get in touch via the email address at the bottom of the website. I’d love to hear from you. The more we have the better.

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