Chupa Chups (or ‘sucky sucks’ maybe?)

Chupa Chups logo

The Dalí Chupa Chups logo

Headquartered right here in glorious Barcelona and with a logo designed by Dalí himself, Chupa Chups® have been around since 1958.

They were originally from Villamayor in Asturias, Northern Spain where Enric Bernat, son of a Catalan family of confectioners, was working. He took over the company he had been at since the early 50s when investors failed to see the potential of his lollipop idea. Fools. Chupa Chups now sell 4 billion lollipops a year to 150 countries worldwide and turn over 500 million euros!

The name ‘Chupa Chups’ comes from the Spanish verb chupar, meaning “to suck”.

I never knew any of this. I guess I assumed they were Amercian for some reason. As a child I wasn’t in the habit of considering the origin of the confectionery I was scoffing.

What’s your favourite flavour?

Chupa Chups

Over 50 Chupa Chups flavours!

There have been over 50 flavours though I can’t pretend to have tried them all.

For me, I’ve always loved Cherry.  I’ve dabbled with Lemon Lime. And even flirted with Banana. But my all time favourite has to be Watermelon. I currently possess 12. But not for long.

If you’d like to buy me a Chupa Chup please make it Watermelon. It will be greatly received and very much appreciated.

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  • To Whom it may concern,
    Hope this fonds you well.

    I want to send a box of Chupa Chups to a dear person in Barcelona. I want the box to be made into a nice design. Yet i am not sure how can I purchase them and send them i couldn’t find anything like that online . Can you help out

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