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I’ve always thought ‘El Born Chiro’ sounded like a Mexican gunslinger from the days of the Wild West. But Dr. Colin Moore is as far removed from a cold blooded killer as one could get. His chiropractic sanctuary in El Born is the epitome of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of this old ‘wild west’ Barcelona district.

Born Chiropractic

Colin was recommended to me by a friend. I have had constant trouble with my back and neck over the years. Sitting badly at a computer day and night has a huge amount to do with it I’m sure.

But before I managed to get to see Colin for my long standing problems I completely put my back out lifting the glass top from the dining room table. In fact I lifted it off just about ok. It was lifting it back on again that really caused the problem. Don’t ask why I was lifting it off in the first place but once it was I wasn’t going to eat off of a piece of glass on the floor. The thing had to go back.

Anyway, to cut a long, painful and frustrating story short Colin has worked miracles. I immediately felt better, then worse, which I have always been told is the case with chiropractors, but then progressively better.

Colin’s ‘programme’ is refreshingly simple. After a few visits you pay a fee on a month by month basis and are able to drop in 2 or 3 times a week. This makes much more sense to me than what I was used to when I’d been to a chiropractor in the UK. Booking an appointment once a week for an extortionate amount of money. How is anything supposed to be treated on such a time scale. Regular adjustments seems a much more logical approach. Colin explains things bit by bit. And although I have to admit that some of it seems a bit new age and goes over my head everything he says does make sense.

With all these things I am of the opinion that you have to open yourself up and put a certain degree of trust in your practioner to really benefit. I’m sure a big part of it is having the belief.

Colin is South African born (but we can’t hold that against him) so speaks English (kind of) which was a blessing for me. If you have a problem with your back give him a call. Or just drop in and see him for a glass of cava.

Do say I sent you though. I might get a discount!

Dr. Colin Robert Moore and Born Chiropractic can be found at Carrer de Sombrerers 27, Principal, 08003 Barcelona (above the tea shop). On 932 683 070. Or at bornchiro@gmail.com.

He’s there in the morning between 10am and 1pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
And in the evening between 4pm and 7pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

You can visit his website at www.elbornchiro.com.

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  • Brilliant article, you gotta love Colin. I think everyone should visit him at least once, he´s a miracle worker.

  • Totally agree. Brilliant article and brilliant chiropractor! So thanks Rob and thanks Colin!!

  • All true! Especially about miracle in his work! Love my visits, as they always bring a side effect – a lot of positivism.

  • Nice article! I went in for my first visit with Colin a sceptic and now, my back pain resolved in a mere 3 visits, I am a confirmed believer!

    Great chiropractor and a lovely person!

  • Love the article, I first went to see Colin in 1997, when he was working in the states. His practice was the same then as it is now. Calm, effective, sexy and user friendly! I miss your adjustments and your energy. Glad to hear you haven’t lost your touch. Amy

  • Just to say that the article is amazing and so is my dad!
    Me encanta el Born!

  • Really funny article… and marvellous practice. Colin is a miracle because he does much more than resolving pain… he is a bodysoul connecter! Highly recommended to anyone who wants to awaken or nourish his/her well-being and inner smile!

  • I’m going in September. Can you get adjusted your first visit? Roughly how much does it cost? My back is killing me and I can’t afford chiropractic visits in the states.thank you.

    • Hi Richard, yes you do get adjusted the first visit. But I’ll leave Colin to discuss the costs with you. Do contact him. He’d be happy to discuss things with you before you come.

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