Think you know all the Best Burgers in Barcelona?

Kiosko Santa Caterina burger

The Santa Caterina burger at Kiosko

Burgers – often derided especially in relation to McDonalds. And not the most traditional of Catalan foods. But the list of burger places in Barcelona just keeps growing and growing. A phenomenon of relatively recent years that has no sign of dying out.

I do love a good burger. Especially after my recent near death experience with a piece of steak. The allure of ground beef has appreciated ten-fold. So luckily for me burger restaurants (the posh term) seem to be springing up all over BCN. The much-loved Wushu was even turned into a burger bar by its owner Bradley Ainsworth.

In an interview with Le Cool Barcelona, Bradley said,

“Bacoa began almost by accident. I had the space closed for a couple of years and I wanted to sell it, but at a good price. So I set up Bacoa with the idea to sell it… and it turned out to be a hit. It was so successful that I decided to change Wushu into Kiosko, a new gourmet hamburger shop, which opened on January 14th.”

Kiosko condiments

The condiments at Kiosko

Lucky bastard I say. So even a lovely South East Asian restaurant has been turned into a burger bar. And by its owner of all people! Though I have to say the Kiosko burgers are not just any burgers.

I have a friend who lives in the Hard Rock Café. He doesn’t actually live there. But he spends an inordinate amount of time there. They do an above-average burger. But I often struggle to actually walk past the place there are so many people waiting, let alone get inside. Not that I really want to truth be told.

There are of course the largely burger-only places like Bacoa, Kiosko and Pim Pam Burger, but some of the best burgers I’ve had are in places that you maybe wouldn’t have thought of. Sagàs (Plà del Palau, 13) does a very good burger. In fact the whole menu is an eye opener. And being just around the corner from Kiosko it’s the place to try when that one is just a little too busy. Taller de Tapas also does a very lovely and reasonably priced burger conceived by owner and Londoner, Kate Preston. It simply comes with a slice of tomato and caramelised onions sandwiched between coca bread. Have it with bravas or get one to share if you happen to be in there for tapas anyway.

Sagàs burger

The burger at Sagàs, Plà del Palau, 13

El Filete Russo and El Petit Burger have some interesting creations. But avoid El Filete’s breaded burger option. It’s just wrong. Go for the Montañesa with asparagus and goats cheese. El Filete’s onion rings are very good too.

And although we’re talking meat burgers here, if you’re with someone who isn’t into dead cow there are often chicken and fish options on the menu. Kiosko does a fine fillet of salmon burger and the Meatpacking Bistro has a tuna burger with wasabi mayonnaise.

In fact, I make a not bad burger. Freshly ground steak from the Boqueria, mixed with well-smashed cream crackers, a couple of eggs, diced and cooked onion and green pepper, finely chopped, fresh red chilli, and the special ingredient, a good lashing of oyster sauce! They are fine. You should give them a go (email me for the full recipe).

Would you like a Gin & Tonic with your burger sir?

La Royale

La Royale, Plaça del Camp, 5

And lastly I must mention the brand spanking new La Royale. Up near Pim Pam’s new restaurant in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi this place is something special. In the same location as the once-famous 1970s restaurant, Can Massana, La Royale is truly unique in Barcelona. The menu has 11 gourmet burgers made using ecological meats from around the world – this is the gourmet burger restaurant.

From their website…

Dare to taste our most exotic flavours: the suggestive combination of bison or angus beef, originally from America, or the explosive recipe of ostrich and Kenya beans from Africa. If you prefer to play safe, you can savour our delicious burgers of beef, Iberian pork meat or free-range chicken. And to show you to what extent we have reconciled burgers and healthy eating, you can try our vegetarian option from Oceania, made from tofu, soy and a lot of vegetables – and zero fat!

La Royale

La Royale, Plaça del Camp, 5

Apart from the menu (and the stunning decor) the real uniqueness of La Royale comes from them pairing their gourmet burger (and dessert) creations with a range of premium gins. Gin & tonic is known for its digestive qualities and Rafael Barrera, the world-famous gin expert, has brought this new trend to Barcelona.

La Royale is a real gem. And another twist in Barcelona’s ever-evolving fascination with the humble burger.

Where to try some of the Best Burgers in Barcelona

So, the list, in no particular order (well alphabetically actually but not any ranking order)…

  • Bacoa, c/ Colomines, 2 – the Kisoko original tucked behind Santa Caterina
  • Betty Ford’s, c/ Joaquín Costa, 56, El Raval – where the hipsters go to eat a burger – also does a mean veggie burger. And don’t worry, they serve alcohol, some excellent cocktails
  • Big J’s in El Raval, Eixample & El Born – Barcelona’s American diner, 50s & 60s kitsch and surprisingly excellent burgers
  • Cervecería Jazz, c/ Margarit, 43 – it’s Poble Sec’s turn to claim the best burger in Barcelona prize and they make a damn good case with Cervecería Jazz
  • Devil’s Kitchen, c/ Lleialtat, 4, El Raval – an unlikely contender but right up there, or so I’m told. Has a plethora of German sausages too
  • El Filete Ruso, c/ Enric Granados, 95 – small in size, long on wait, but some interesting creations with some fine meat
  • El Petit Burger, c/ Fusina, 3 (esq. Comerç) – small and beautifully formed, with some stunning burgers
  • Flash Flash Tortilleria, c/ Granada del Penedès, 25 – suggested order: “La panadera” to share, Burger (like the Monty), Dessert “Leche Frita”
  • Hard Rock Café, Plaça de Catalunya, 21 – if you really want to go it’s not a bad burger, but there are so many better places in town
  • Kiosko Burger, Avinguda del Marques de L’Argentera, 1 – Bacoa’s newer sibling, with a slightly larger menu and at least double the seating. Go!
  • L’Aperitiu de Gràcia, c/ Francisco Giner, 22 – This place sounds great. And a very attractive bar lady too by all accounts. Recommended by Cris Piera in the comments
  • La Burg, Passeig Sant Joan Bosco, 55, Sarrià – older brother of El Filete Russo for the posh crowd in Sarrià
  • La Royale, Plaça del Camp, 5, El Putxet – La Royale has taken the gourmet burger to the next level and Rafael Barrera has made it very, very special. A must visit
  • Meatpacking Bistro, Travessera de Gràcia, 50-52 – straight from the banks of the Hudson with just the Classic or Tuna (with wasabi mayo) burgers to choose from
  • O.K. Sarria, c/ Jaume Piquet, 18 – a chili cheese burger, a 500g double burger (!), or even a giant hot dog steamed in beer. A slightly out-of-the-way place with a fine reputation
  • Peggy Sue’s, Travessera de Gràcia, 35 – Spain’s American Diner (they’re all over), a god-awful website, but good burgers apparently
  • PepBurg, Travessera de les Corts, 229 – this relatively new Les Corts establishment has some famously named burgers
  • Pim Pam Burger, c/ Sabateret, 4 (and now c/ Bigai,1 in Bonanova too) – in my mind the original, and still a damn good burger for the price, worth going for the P&W American Style Pomme Frites Sauce.
  • Sagàs, Plà del Palau, 13, El Born (round the corner from Kiosko) – an eclectic menu, fine olives, a wonderful array of condiments and a slightly pricey (for the size) but damn fine burger
  • Taller de Tapas, various locations – worth a visit just for Kate Preston’s ‘Hamburguesa de la ternera de Kate’
  • Twins, c/ Guillem Tell, 23, Sant Gervasi – owned by a mother and her twin daughters and with 21 varieties, Twins should certainly not be last on anyone’s list
Sagàs condiments

The condiments at Sagàs, Plà del Palau, 13

All of these burger places are marked on the map below. You can even get directions to them if you so wish.

There have been a couple of recent casualties. The premises of Burgers del Gòtic seems to have a ‘for rent’ sign up. And La Burguesa at the end of c/ Princesa (part of the Chic & Basic hotel) has had something of a transformation for whatever reason and is now called Kharma.

Even out of the ones I’ve been to so far it’s difficult to pick a clear winner. They’re all very good. But I’m going to stick my neck out and say Kiosko overall. This is based on price, quality and just doing a burger very, very well with no fuss. But all of them are worth checking out for different reasons I reckon.

Oh, and one final mention, you do have to check out the mini burgers at Cerveceria Catalana as well. Very small, but very, very good.

Are there any other places I’ve missed? Be sure to mention them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list and map. And let me know which is your favourite.

Best Burgers in Barcelona Map

Carrer de Colomines, 2

Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 56

Carrer de Margarit, 43

Carrer d’Enric Granados, 95

Carrer de la Fusina, 3

Carrer de la Granada del Penedès, 25

Avinguda del Marquès de l’Argentera, 1

Carrer del Sabateret, 4

Carrer Comtal, 28 (plus 4 other locations)

Carrer de Bigai, 1

Carrer del Carme, 74

Carrer d’Aribau, 18

Via Laietana, 20

Carrer de la Lleialtat, 4

Plaça de Catalunya, 21

Passeig de Sant Joan Bosco, 55

Carrer de Jaume Piquet, 18

Travessera de Gràcia, 35

Plà del Palau, 13

Carrer de Guillem Tell, 23

Travessera de Gràcia, 50-52

Plaça del Camp, 5

c/ Francisco Giner, 22

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  • Very good post! There’s a real burger world to be discovered and conquered out there ;)

    Having tried many of the restaurants you just mentioned, I must say my favourite burgers in the city are made and cooked at L’Aperitiu de Gràcia, at Francisco Giner Street, Gracia. Excellent ingredients with a gourmet approach and homemade, olive oil fried french fries. They make home made fresh pasta and amazing croquetas. They prepare amazing cocktails. And the price is lower, which sets a very good quality-price tandem. Only one thing that I don’t like: the decoration is not as cool as in many of the places you listed. It’s clean and tidy but not stylish. If only they changed the lighting it would be so much more “moody”!

  • Oh! Twins!!! Yesss how could I possibly forget that one? Amazing burgers and lovely terrace. Their french fries are not as good as Aperitiu’s but also very nice. Totally worth a visit as well. (I’m realising I could be tagged as a burger freak! hahaha)

  • Nice article on something close to a lot of people’s hearts:) Actually, talking of hearts, and as a semi-veggie who’s also Coeliac (!), I have to recommend Heart Burger, across from the university. On top of the kitsch appeal of the funny-shaped buns they do a full gluten-free menu, including GF burgers on GF burger baps. I intend to take my Dad when he comes over, as a fellow Coeliac – he hasn’t had a burger in 20 years. The veggie option is decent too.

  • Hello!! there!
    Barcelona, now has a real American diner. Ideal to go with friends any time (is open until 3 am). This Barcelona Restaurant located in the heart of the city just between the Gothic Quarter and El Borne. Is one of the Barcelona bars that serve cocktails every hour as amazing mojitos daikiris and much more… The restaurant offers a menu based on grilled meats like steaks, T-bones, and great GOURMET BURGERS, nachos, salads and real good hot dogs, Everything is homemade and tastes great. The menu is in English and the waiters speak English too. I think it should be on your list of best american burgers restaurants in town. We invite you to discover Bernie’s…

    Bernie’s Diner Grill & Bar Barcelona
    Via Laietana 20, Loc. 1, 2 Y 3.
    08003 – Born. Barcelona
    Tel (0034)931857735

    • Hello Martin, I’ll allow you’re blatant ad comment to pass. :) But I’ll have to taste the burgers before they go on the list!

  • Kiosko!? Come on!
    Can name 50 places in bcn with better burgers than that place.

    Email info@hamburgercity for a complete list and ranking.


    • Hi John, thanks for your comment, but I disagree. Sure there are lots of great hamburgers in Barcelona. But for the price, range, speed and style I still think Kiosko is way up there. Also, bear in mind this post was written nearly 15 months ago. A lot has changed since. Everyone is trying to do a gourmet burger. Most places just with one or two options. But I stand by my selection. But of course it is a personal view. I’m sorry they don’t serve Heineken. If so, I’m sure they would be listed on however good or bad you think they are.

  • Plenty of good addresses in this blog.

  • Ok, I love a good burger and I’m new in town (I am staying though) so I’ll be heading for Kiosko soon. But without having tried your fine listed establishments, I’ll suggest two early additions:
    – Cheese’s Art on Enrico Granados (just 7 options but all excellent and the acompanying potatoes are a phenomenal alternative to fries/chips).
    – Umami on Floridablanca (just under 30 options available; start with the Mexican, I did).

    Looking forward to Kiosko…
    p.s. for a cook-at-home option, Rubio Francisco Carnisser (on Sepulveda and somewhere in Gracia) are hard to beat for fresh and inventive.

    • What excellent suggestions. Thanks Dave. I have been to Umami now but hadn’t heard of Cheese’s Art. Will check it out soon for sure. Hope you like the blog.

  • I can recommend YourBurg on Calle Londres. You design it yourself. The lamb option is amazing.

  • Hey! Great post! I also highly recommend the burgers at Cafe Federal ( C/ Parlament ) and at Carrot Cafe in Poble Nou….delicious!!

  • I highly recommend Anauco Gourmet (calle de Valencia) near Sagrada Familia!! During my 4day stay in BCN I ate there twice. The food is tasty and fresh. The burgers are big and they come with fries. Plus, the owners are very polite and the prices reasonable.

  • Hey! Great post! I also highly recommend Pim Pam Burguer! Delicious burguer and service!

    Keep up the good blog!

  • Hi Rob, a great article but I miss our burger (Tio Joe) ;p
    I invite you to come and try our homemade hamburgers.

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