Kitchen Shops in Barcelona

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Kitchen Shops in Barcelona

I realise kitchenware is not the most riveting of subjects for some but personally I do love a kitchen gadget. I like most gadgets, but as I’ve got older the kitchen gadget is my want. If I had a garden then I am positive I’d like garden gadgets, but I have a 2m2 terrace so the kitchen is my gadget domain.

Kitchen Shops in Barcelona: I’m not talking about shops selling fridges or dishwashers or whole kitchens. These are shops for people looking for that cool item that does a certain cooking task the perfect way. Or the perfect gift for a foodie friend. As well as of course great knives and cookware.

This started when I wanted to buy a Lékué Steam Case, one of those silicone jobs that can withstand the oven, the freezer, the dishwasher, and cats it seems. I thought I’d go on a little trawl of all the kitchen shops I knew and see what I could find.

Darna (new addition: added Jan 2015)

Darna Home

Darna, c/ Comte Borrell 83-85

I found out about Darna (c/ Comte Borrell 83-85) in Sant Antoni thanks to a friend who lives locally. It is a surprisingly large shop with a huge variety of colourful products so my penchant for anything as long as it’s a shade between white and black isn’t adequately satisfied. Nonetheless this place is a treasure trove. When I visited there was a sale on with up to 70% off so I relaxed a little on the colour range and went overboard.

Darna produces all its own products with a large range of ceramic knives and cookware. I’m a big fan of Le Creuset but I must say the Darna cookware looks and feels like great quality too, but at half the price (that’s without a sale on!).

Darna Cloc Porcelain

Darna Cloc Porcelain

There are a ton of silicone utensils, plastic pots and receptacles of all sizes, and some great little porcelain dishes (à la Le Creuset) that come with click on plastic lids; great for cooking a dish in and then once cool, popping on the lid to put in the fridge or freezer.

And although as I write it is not the weather for picnics I shall be back here in the summer as they have a great range of bags for eating on the go.

Colourful or not, this place rocks: and with the current sale on until 28th Feb 2015 you should get down there as soon as you can. In the words of Darna themselves, “If life is full of colours, why do you always choose black for your kitchenware?”

El Corte Inglés

My local department store, El Corte Inglés on Plaça de Catalunya has a big selection of all types of kitchenware on the 5th floor. Departments stores are all well and good if you’re there for other things too. But I want that specialist store that is, well, a bit special I guess. And plus, who wants to traipse up to the 5th floor, especially when the Catalans don’t quite seem to have grasped basic escalator etiquette. Worth a visit though if you’re there.

Cooking – The Kitchen Company

photo of The Kitchen Company shop

Cooking – The Kitchen Company, c/ Provença, 278

So, on to The Kitchen Company (c/ Provença, 278). This is far more like it. A huge Le Creuset range, an ample Good Grips range, beautiful copper pans, ice cream makers, blenders, bread makers, coffee machines, and even the trusty Magimix. This shop is heaven. It has plenty of gadgets too! And they have regular cooking demonstrations. I couldn’t resist a satin black Le Creuset cast iron grill for 73€. My only tip is if you’re out shopping and wish to purchase such an item, get it last. It’s bloody heavy!


I popped into Avet (c/ Provença, 255) just along from TKC. I was right not to expect much. TKC had been busy and this place was empty. I was the only person in there. They have a lot of budget stuff, with nothing of great quality. But they do have a good range of cheap white tableware. Every kind of piece you may want. So if you have done your wages on Le Creuset this may be the place to go to kit out your table. It’s only something to eat off after all.

Gadgets & Cuina

photo of the Lékué Ovo

Lékué Ovo

Up Rambla de Catalunya and left on c/ Aragó you’ll find Gadgets & Cuina (c/ Aragó, 249). As you may be able to tell by the name, this is the kitchen gadget shop. No Magimix’s here! Just lots and lots of kitchen gadgets. They also have a big selection of cake decorating apparatus. And something I couldn’t bring myself to buy but now regret was a Lékué macaron making kit & recipe book. I adore macarons, and this kit made it look easy.

Gadgets & Cuina is well priced too. It is where I ended up buying the Lékué Steam Case and it was the cheapest place I found. I also picked up two of these great little egg cooking things. They also have a stall in the Boqueria you can check out and another shop in L’illa on Diagonal.


photo of Vinçon

Vinçon, Passeig de Gràcia, 96

What can I say about Vinçon (Passeig de Gràcia, 96), it is a mecca for all things design. The swishest gift and homeware shop ever. Low lighting, smooth jazz playing as you enter and prices that will make your eyes water. A book case caught my eye, a metal tower, it was 830€. I thanked the girl very much and walked away.

A colourful shelf of Pantone mugs and espresso cups, any Moleskine item you could possibly wish for, and these Crumpled City Maps that I have never seen before – ‘truly indestructible and 100% waterproof’. I like them a lot, were it not for the fact that Google Maps on my iPhone works quite adequately, though ‘truly indestructible and 100% waterproof’ it is not!

So what about the kitchenware? They have shelves and shelves of it. Long aisles with tall shelves either side. To tell you the truth it’s a bit warehousey, like Ikea, but with style. I could spend hours in there. Go check it out if you’ve never been!

Upstairs you’ll see the fabulous internal structure of the building. Pillars, stairwells, all very ornate, with an outdoor terrace that gives you a view of the side of La Pedrera next door. All larger designer objects for the home up here. It’s where I saw my bookcase.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels

Zwilling J.A. Henckels logoBack down in the old town is the Zwilling J.A. Henckels store (c/ Pi, 16). This German brand has been around since the 18th century. Zwilling J.A. Henckels specialises in quality knives which they let you try out in store on a range of unsuspecting vegetables. The company has purchased the French Staub cast iron cookware brand, and from Belgium the Demeyere stainless steel cookware company. They also have a range of Japanese knives.

Everything in this shop is of the highest quality. If you like kitchen stuff, you’ll love this shop.

Gràcia and beyond…

I’ve been to a couple of great little shops in Gràcia but I didn’t get up there this time and can’t remember the names of them. I’m sure there are plenty more around town as well. The old town is full of ferreteria’s (hardware shops) where you can get all kinds of paella pans and the like. But the shops above are definitely worth a visit.

So let me know you’re favourite kitchen shop in Barcelona by commenting below. Personally, I can’t get enough of them!

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  • I love my kitchen shops but am less of a gadget fan. However, I positively drool over a Magimix and the Henckels knife shop.
    Also, you don’t need a macaroon making kit, just a baking sheet and a piping bag and you’ll be done. I’ll email you a recipe.

  • They do every kind of sugar, you’ll have enough caster sugar to keep you going for a year.
    A way to get round the caster sugar problem is to put it in a food processor and pulse for a min to make it finer. I also find Condis granulated sugar is finer than the other shops anyway.

  • I’d also recommend a knives shop called ‘Cuchilleria Barcelona’ in ‘Calle Aragon 303’. I visited Barcelona few weeks ago and I loved this store.. they have a huge selection of quality kitchen knives.. spanish first brands like Arcos and other like Global or Kasumi.

  • Excellent Chris, thank you. I’ll check it out.

  • Casa Gay (yes, really) on Roger de Lluria is always worth a visit. It’s a trade shop so expect chaotic scenes as you collect tickets from one counter then wait to be served elsewhere, then again to pay, stuck waiting behind a restaurateur with a credit account and a complicated tax bill to negotiate. But… the upside is trade price, professional quality kitchen and tableware. You’ll never NEED a 1m-high stick blender, but once you’ve seen one, you’ll want want one. Because gadgets.

  • Hi there,

    Great website. I was just wondering if you have found a vegetable spiralizer in any of the above mentioned kitchen shops. And if so, can you please advise me as to which one? Have searched high and low.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.


    • Hi Tash, vegetable spiralizers I do not know about I’m afraid. But I would suggest you try Gadgets & Cuina. And maybe print out one from the internet to save trying to explain it. :)

  • Where is best to buy a Raclette?

    • Not sure John I’m afraid. I’ve never come across one, but then I haven’t been looking for one either. Out of the shops above I’d try Darna and El Corte Inglés first.

  • Hi,

    I’m looking for an Oster pro blender/foodprocessor in Barcelona. It has both a blender and a food processor attachment, so you can switch depending on what you’re making.

    Does anyone know where they sell such items?
    I’m hoping to get it today so I can still make a fresh batch of hummus and gazpacho for this week ^_^


  • Hello,
    I was hoping someone could help me out. I am looking for a Nutribullet, a kind of blender.
    Hope to hear from you! Liz

  • Hi, I’m looking for professional japanese knives. Would you know of any other shops apart from the one mentioned? Joel

  • Hi Rob,
    I was wondering if you know a place in BCN where I can buy a coffee maker? It can either be an online shop or not.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Rita, I don’t I’m afraid. If you’re on Facebook search for the Barcelona Expats or Ingredients Hunters Barcelona groups and try asking in either of those. I’m sure you’ll get some useful answers.

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