Barcelona Immigration Statistics

Profile of foreign residents (chart)

Profile of foreign residents

I’m fascinated by data. Well not so much data, as the informative ways it can be displayed. One of my favourite coffee table books is called Information is Beautiful (link at the end).

Well, there’s a page on the Ajuntament de Barcelona website called Studies on Immigration that contains some great information about Barcelona immigration statistics. I spent far too long poring over it when I should have been working. I thought you might find some of it interesting too!

Below are some snapshots from the Població Estrangera a Barcelona (Foreign Population in Barcelona) PDF. Unless you happen to be a bird of prey click on any of the thumbnails to scroll through larger versions.

Foreign Population in Barcelona

These immigration statistics are from January 2012. For this and more information visit the Studies on Immigration page.

And you can find Information is Beautiful on Amazon for a very reasonable 13 pounds and 24 pence (at the time of writing).

Is there any other interesting data about Barcelona or Catalonia you know of?

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  • This is so interesting! I was actually just wondering where the most immigrants to Barcelona come from. Thanks for a well-timed post. :)

  • Excellent post, Rob. I thought the most interesting statistic was that marriages between “foreigners” [I still hate that word] and the locals has continued to increase steadily from 2004 until 2010. It supports the impression that Catalonia is [slowly] becoming more multi-cultural, which is generally a very good thing.

  • Barcelona is importing trash and beggars from all over and letting we the locals flee away from the criminality and rudeness that all this trash is bringing over.

    I hope the border is closed after freaking independence.

    • I fully agree with you. It’s one of the most catastrophical processes that I’ve ever witnessed in a city. It’s gone from being a jewell of peace and beauty to a dumpster full of the most racist, unskilled, rude and untrustworthy immigrants I’ve ever seen.

      There’s got to be a referendum on immigration ASAP!!

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