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This article is about the After Tea Barcelona market in May 2011. You can still read what Rouge had to say about why she started the market below. But for information on recent events check out the After Tea Facebook page.

I first heard about After Tea only yesterday from Colin the Chiropractor. He likes to share the love. He had some fliers in his practice, right next to my cards in fact. After Tea no. 6 is this very Saturday 14thMay. I spoke to the organiser, Rouge Francesca Zambito, to get an idea of what to expect.

What is ‘After Tea’?

“With this project we want to reinvent street markets by creating an authentic party. We don’t only want to offer a place where you can sell goods, but a space where you can share your ideas and enjoy a pleasant afternoon surrounded by people with genuine ideas.” “It’s an authentic market, a space where people can sell their creativity and spend a day amongst friends enjoying a moment where music, fashion and creativity come together.” “This is now the 6th After Tea market; from the very first it was a success thanks to the special energy created by those who participate – the DJs, the exhibitors and above all, the visitors. People can enjoy a 6 hour DJ set and for the first time this Saturday we will have an acoustic set from Carlos Sadness (Shinoflow).

Why did you start After Tea?

“Well, I like finding people with different backgrounds that love to share their creativity or their passion for vintage. Since the beginning After Tea has been surrounded by positive energy.”

And how do you choose who’s there?

“There’s not a rule really. I try to give space to any kind of product. At the moment I have a waiting list of many people but in the beginning I would like to keep it small to allow people to feel like a family.”

Sounds like a perfectly pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon to me. And in the beautiful surroundings of the Hotel Petit Palace Boquería Gaudí (c/ Boquería, 12). Do make sure you go to the right hotel though. The Hotel Petit Palace Opera Garden is at number 10. I’m going to try and get down on Saturday but if you do go please let me know what you thought by leaving a comment. After Tea, 3pm-9pm, Saturday 14th May. 1€ entrance fee. Hotel Petit Palace Boquería Gaudí, Carrer de la Boquería 12 (esquina con c/ Quitana), 08002. Keep up to date with After Tea on Facebook, at the After Tea Blog or you can just email them. And if you’d like to find out more about Shinoflow check out his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter. He even has his own Wikipedia page!

After Tea Market flyer

After Tea Market flyer

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  • Hey, I am interested in becoming a participant of the market, as a seller. When is the next Happy Market? How much do you guys charge for the space?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Gabriela, there was one on Saturday! I suggest you get in touch with Rouge via email or the After Tea Facebook page. Both links are at the end of the article.

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